Derren Brown - Rock Paper Scissors Effect

This one when told how to do seems easy but it is quite hard to do.

To do this all you have to do is sublimely tell them which one they are going to
choose (easy enough). The way derren does this is by making “subconscious”
signals to the subject to tell him to pick the one he is signalling.
E.g. on derren brown; mind control 2 when he does this effect he says to the

“We’ll play paper scissors stone where you go 1 2 3 (hits his fist on his
other hand 3 times) and then you do something (does scissors)”
This sublimely tells the subject to choose scissors. And sure enough the
subject chooses scissors and derren chooses rock to win.

Then on the second go the subject chooses rock (as you can see this was
derrens last choice) and derren chooses paper to win.
And finally on the last go the subject chooses paper (derrens last choice) and
derren chooses scissors to win.

You may wonder how he did it when he asked if the audience want him to win
loose or draw. Well, this was the same as above apart from he asked “do you
want me to win loose or draw (making paper sign for subliminal signal)” so if
the audience say win he chooses scissors if they say loose he chooses rock
and if they say draw then de chooses paper.

NOTE: when doing the effect try and make the person look at you hand (not
by saying, “look at my hand” because then they will know that you are up to
something). Just try casually leading their eyes down with your eyes or at least
making sure the signal is in their line of vision. Also after you play each game,
and you see who wins leave your hand out longer than theirs so then they
subconsciously get the picture of which one they should pick.


  1. Anonymous13:32

    He also subliminally tells him he is going to win and that he is very good at this while telling the audience that after he has won he will let them decide the outcome of the last rounds.
    All this adds up and re-enforces the idea of losing in the other players mind.

  2. Anonymous13:12

    All this is nonsense. The real trick is convincing the audience that he is using all this subliminal nonsense. The truth is, it's a much more simple trick: You only get to see the take where he won. The times he loses are disguised as part of another trick for the benefit of those actually present. He will often have a pre-prepared "prediction" for each outcome, that will make an appearance as part of another trick, making the subject think he already knew what they were going to play in the round he lost. In actual fact, he loses 33.3% of the time, wins 33.3% of the time and ties 33.5% of the time, just like everybody else.

    1. Anonymous01:53

      Don't be jelous just YOU can't do it hahahaha so funny

  3. Anonymous09:33

    No buddy, the trick was he won the first 3, then got the audience to pick whether he would win, lose or draw the next hand.

    So he starts off by winning three in a row, and then finishes by letting the audience decide the fourth result